Audio that stands out in the crowd


Rob Kuijpers was short of adulthood when he bought his first Marantz receiver almost 20 years ago. Teenagers are perhaps not the target group that immediately comes to mind when you’re thinking about HiFi audio, he says. “On the other hand, some fork out for a scooter while others buy a nice car. I decided to put my money into decent sound.”

A predilection for quality audio didn’t just happen. “I was impressed by my father’s audio system as a child. And nobody was going to stop me once I had the resources to buy my own.” The 16-year-old Rob went for Marantz even though his father swore by Pioneer and Technics. “Ultimately it came down to the price:quality ratio. Marantz simply appealed to me the most. Moreover, it was easy to configure and that cannot be said for all the surround-sets back then.”

Nothing makes me happier than a live concert

recording or film in surround sound

Concert aficionado

If you ask the true music fan, it’s either stereo or surround – there’s nothing in between. And that goes for Rob too. “For me, it’s all about the best surround sound. I’m more a film and concert man. The right sound around me gives me the feeling that I’m there in person. Nothing makes me happier than a live concert recording or film in surround sound.” But he doesn’t see himself as an audiophile: It comes down to simply doing what you feel you have to do. So I would never listen to a particular genre because the audio set is said to be best suited to that. Personally, I prefer to flip the coin: The audio system should give me the sound I want to hear – otherwise you’ll never find peace of mind,” says Rob with a chuckle.

Preferably on the couch than at the movies

Just as father inspired son, Rob is passing on his own love of audio to his family. “My wife only knows me as a true fan. When we met each other, I already had a plasma TV and that surround sound system in my room. I had it so well thought out that my father often came upstairs to watch a film! I took that to the next level in my own home – loudspeakers in the ceiling and, as of recently, Dolby Atmos thanks to the Marantz 7012 AV receiver.” The result of all this is that his children prefer to watch films at home on the sofa than at the movies. And Rob fully understands! “They’re always in the sweet spot here, and you’re never sure if that’s the case at the movies.”

Value retention

Although Rob would prefer never to get rid of his equipment, there are of course limits to what he can find room for at home. “The advantage of Marantz is that it doesn’t lose its resale appeal. It retains its value. Even gently ageing systems are still immensely popular. They’re not made like that any more – not even by Marantz,” he says with a sigh, to be followed by: “But I can understand that. There used to be seven audio stores in Tilburg, my home town, and now there are only three left. My dealer often says affectionately that there are still quirky guys around like me, but most people these days are looking for a compact, integrated solution such as SONOS and HEOS. Fantastic stuff, but just not my style.”

Shared love for Marantz

Rob makes sure that his audio sets are in touch with the times, but he doesn’t always have to have the latest of the latest. “The more financial room for manoeuver, the more possibilities there are to upgrade your system. I enjoy gaining online inspiration from other music fans, although I of course decide in the end what I’m going to buy. But without audio forums, I would never have bought a second subwoofer, for example.” As member and moderator of the Marantz forum from the outset, Rob has made lifelong friends. “Although everybody has his own particular preference, we all share a passion for Marantz. Don’t ask me why. I think it’s a bit like a nice car: A certain type or make of car gives you a certain vibe. Marantz systems do the same: you can distinguish their sound from a thousand others.”