When is the time to upgrade to a new Marantz?

Marantz products are built to last. However, there may be good arguments for choosing an upgrade. The most spectacular development in recent years is the unlimited access to music via the internet. In the first years, the quality of the technology was insufficient for Marantz, because the signal was compressed. Nowadays, CD- and even better-quality audio is available via streaming services. This gives us new ways to enjoy music, in addition to traditional media such as CD, SACD and Vinyl.


Options to support internet / streaming

If your current system does not support internet / streaming, there are several options to upgrade.

  • Add a network audio player such as the NA6006 to an existing system.
  • Add a network CD player such as the ND8006, perhaps in combination with a new amplifier such as the PM8006.
  • Upgrade to an all-in-one amplifier with built-in networking capabilities, like the new PM7000N.
  • Upgrade to an all-in-one system with streaming, CD and amplification in an elegant, compact set that fits into any living room, such as the Melody X.

In addition to the upgrade due to functions such as streaming, you could also opt for a higher sound quality. Enjoy your beloved music even more with exceptional detail, expression and dynamics by upgrading to a higher-end system.

Choose the right player-amplifier-speaker combination

The more money you spend, the better the result will be, but the choice must match the quality of the other components. The most expensive amplifier cannot make a bad source sound good. Choose the right player-amplifier-speaker combination. If you compare a Marantz system from 10 years ago with a new Marantz system you can be sure that you will hear the familiar musical Marantz sound. In addition, new technologies make higher quality possible. Products in the lower price range benefit the most from this. The sound quality in this segment is amazing nowadays.

The familiar musical Marantz sound

When considering a new product; ask yourself these questions to determine your next step;

  • Which sound source do I want to use?
  • Do I need a CD player with an amplifier? Or do I want access to new media via internet radio and streaming services such as Spotify or Tidal?
  • Do I use my smartphone to stream music via AirPlay or Bluetooth?
  • Do I need a network or is Bluetooth sufficient?
  • Where will the system be placed? Does the equipment come in a separate hi-fi corner, or in combination with a TV? Or both?
  • In addition to sound quality, is the design and ease of use a requirement? Or is the best audio reproduction important and nothing should come between the music and me.

Answering these questions will help you select the right system. A specialized dealer is happy to help you with this.

Wow, I thought what I had was great, but this is really something else

Paul is fond of beautiful products, of style, performance and of quality that you can perceive with all your senses. We invited him to the Marantz Listening room and asked him to compare his current system with the new PM7000N.

“At Marantz you can see and feel that you are in the right place with the equipment. If you then listen to it, your feeling will be confirmed. I currently own a PM5003 amplifier with a CD5003 CD player and an ST6003 tuner. I have had this equipment for about 10 years now and it still makes me happy every day when I see this set at the center of my living room. ”

Paul follows the development of sound equipment as a hobby and is curious about the added value that an upgrade of your equipment provides. “Wow, I thought what I had was great, but this is really something else. A goosebump moment! ”